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what is Continuous
User Testing?

CUT is a framework for doing Remote User Tests on a regular monthly basis with low effort and budget.

why you should do CUT

Remote user tests are one of the most efficient ways of doing qualitative research. If we make course directions earlier and more often, we‘ll waste less effort and we‘ll create a bigger impact. To achieve this we set up a straightforward framework – the Continuous User Testing framework.

Image of CUT principles.

Our main goal:
get a shared understanding of our users' needs and their behavior

With the CUT framework you follow these principles:

You are not specialized researchers doing research.
You keep the effort as small as possible to learn as much as possible.
You can also just listen to what's on our users' minds by letting them decide what to talk about without needing a prototype.

what you'll need

If you have everything mentioned here, you can directly start with your first Testing Sprint!

3 – 5 people per month

2 weeks prep time (at least for the first Testing Sprint)

1 full-day free time slot for the Testing Day per month

500 – 900 € for user recruitment budget per month

1 paid Zoom account (or any other conference software of your choice)

1 paid Miro or FigJam account (or any other white board software of your choice)

testing schedule

Testing Schedule for the Testing Sprint

event calendar

Testing Planning

Timebox: 1h

Participants: Insights Owner (owner), Prototyping Team, Interviewer (optional), Testing Master (optional)

Questions to be answered:

  1. What do we want to test/find out (a quick walkthrough of wireframes or designs helps here)?
  2. What do we NOT want to test/exclude from testing (maybe test next time)?
  3. Do we have any follow-up questions from
    previous User Tests
  4. What kind of prototype do we need (lo-fi prototype, hi-fi prototype, no prototype at all)?
  5. On which device type do we want to test (smartphone, tablet, or desktop)?
  6. What kind of users do we need (hardcore fans vs. average users, users with specific socio-demographics)?
  7. How many users do we need (e. g. Golden 5)?
  8. How long will every session take approximately?
  9. Who is preparing what (roles)?
  10. On which day should be the Testing Day?
  11. Does everyone have access to this Confluence page, wire-frames or designs, and further needed resources?

Next Todos

Insights Owner:

Recruits users via TestingTime agency (at least 1 week before Testing Day)

Prepares Notes Board

Invites Stakeholders to interviews of Testing Day and Testing Review

Prototyping team:

Creates prototype if needed (close collaboration with the Interviewer): How to create a prototype


Creates and optimizes the Interview Guide based on the Insights Owner hypothesis (also close collaboration with the Prototyping Team):


Sets up / updates appointments for all events

Sets up / updates Slack group if needed

Pre Testing Day Check-Up

Timebox: 0,5h

Participants: Insights Owner (owner), Prototyping Team,
Interviewer, Testing Master (optional)

Things to be checked:

Insights Owner:

Are all users set (did we get all signed Legal Documents back)?

Is the Notes Board prepared and working?

Do important Stakeholders know about the interviews and Testing Review and will a few of them join the interviews?

Prototyping team:

Is the Prototype prepared and working?


Is the Interview Guide finished?

Is the paid Zoom account setup and working?

Do we have plan bs for eventually occurring problems (e.g what if sharing the screen of users doesn't work?)

Testing Day

Timebox: 1d

Participants: Interviewer (owner), Insights Owner as Observer, Prototyping Team as Observers, Stakeholders as Observers (optional), Users, Testing Master (optional)


3 - 8 users, 30 - 60 min interviews, 30 min breaks in between, and 30 min debriefing at the end of the day


Insights Owner:

Zoom (records conversation)

Interview Guide

Slack group (everything else muted)


Zoom (with the camera turned off and muted )

Interview Guide

Miro Notes board

Slack group

Next Todos


Uploads recordings to a central storage location at SharePoint

Insights Owner:

Prepares insights for Testing Review meeting

Set himself a reminder to delete recordings after max. 3 months

Testing Review

Timebox: 2h

Participants: Insights Owner (owner), Stakeholders, Prototyping Team (optional), Testing Master (optional), Interviewer (optional)


A clear understanding/list of action items / what have we learned and what can we do with it.

Presentation and discussion

Next Todos

Insights Owner:

Shares top insights with the whole team via Slack or other meetings (e.g. Demo, UX Chapter Meeting)


List of all roles, their tasks and the needed time to work on them.
Testing Master
Insights Owner
Prototyping Team
User Recruiting Agency
Stakeholders (optional)


All obligatory and optional things you need to prepare or revise for CUT.
Prototype (optional)
Interview guide
User Onboarding
Legal documents
Backlog (optional)
Report (optional)
Highlight Reel (optional)


check our free templates as a help to start continuous user testing!

start your first testing sprint now!

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